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Top 5 Myths About Pressure Cleaning Services

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Pressure cleaning for roofs, walkways, and driveways is a necessary service for the upkeep of both homes and businesses. Unfortunately, widespread misconceptions about the practice of power washing have cemented themselves as myths that cast doubt on the need for the service at all. Below is a list of the five most common myths about pressure cleaning:

Myth #1: Roofs Should be Replaced if There is an Algae Infestation

When homeowners discover algae on their roofs, usually their first thought is to replace the roof, either partly or entirely. The urgent need for roof replacement in the face of an algae infestation is a fairly common misconception, and probably the most understandable one on this list. Algae—unlike most other types of roof stains such as dirt and grime buildup—can actually cause damage to a roof if left untreated. However, the presence of algae doesn’t necessitate a new roof at all. Pressure washing can restore any roof by blasting away the spores before any more can spread. In addition, pressure washing is by far the less expensive alternative when compared to roof renovation or replacement.

Myth #2: Pressure Cleaning is Only Necessary for Stain Removal

While it is true that stain removal encompasses a large portion of pressure cleaning responsibilities, this myth is one that severely discredits the hard work of professional power cleaners. As stated in the previous section, pressure washing is a means of removing harmful elements like algae and reversing the damage they cause to vulnerable areas like roofs. In addition, routine pressure cleaning services can even prevent the growth of damaging agents like mold, algae, or anything else that remains invisible in its early stages of spreading. So, pressure cleaning not only provides cleanliness, but also health and longevity to any commercial or residential property that needs it.

Myth #3: Pressure Washing Uses High Pressure for Every Surface

This myth likely resulted from misinformation about pressure washing procedures. Pressure is, of course, the key component to effective pressure cleaning. But many people seem to think that high pressure is what put the “power” in power washing, and is therefore a universal application for any pressure-cleaning job. This, however, could not be further from the truth. It can actually be very dangerous—for both the contractor and the surface—to use the same high pressure setting for cleaning every area. This is why it’s very important that the appropriate water stream PSI setting (pounds per square inch) is appropriately used for each surface, without compromising the ability to clean effectively.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Myth #4: Pressure Cleaning Does Damage to Any Surface

While there is some truth to this particular myth, surfaces that are pressure cleaned only get damaged when the wrong PSI is used—a mistake that certified pressure-cleaning professionals would not make, as their equipment is always correctly calibrated prior to the task at hand. As mentioned in the section above, PSI varies depending on the surface being cleaned and therefore plays a significant part in both the pressure cleaning process and its safety procedures. For example, a window will be treated with a lower PSI than a driveway, to avoid cracking or chipping. Additionally, using the wrong PSI to clean certain areas, like the siding of a building, could lead to the development of mold and mildew in the event that water gets trapped beneath the surface. Damage like this would not result from a reliable pressure cleaning service.

Myth #5: Pressure Cleaning Can be Done Without Professional Help

The previous debunked myths about pressure cleaning alone should be an indication that this myth is not true. Unfortunately, this bit of misinformation still seems to circulate and cement itself as a fact when it is not. A professional should always handle pressure cleaning since it is a tedious process that requires particular equipment not accessible to everyone, and a lot of care that comes from experience. Pressure washing is not quick or easy, and if done poorly, can cause irreparable damage to the property being cleaned. The best thing property owners can do for the protection of themselves and their property is to trust qualified professionals to do the job right. After all, they’re the ones with the equipment, the experience, and best of all, the insurance!

These are just some of the several myths that have the general public skeptical about the procedures, precautions, and professionalism of the pressure cleaning industry. If the curb appeal of your home or business is suffering due to the accumulation of dirt, grime, or even algae, then it is time to give your place a good, clean makeover with the use of a professional pressure cleaning service. If you are interested in having your roof pressure washed in Collier County, or if you have any questions about the process, please call Pressure Cleaning Services at (239) 287-7261.

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