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Pressure Cleaning for HOA Compliance

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Pressure cleaning is a routine maintenance service that is essential for businesses and residences alike. One of the most common reasons why pressure cleaning is in such high demand is because residents of planned communities—especially those managed by a Home Owners Association (HOA)—are required to follow local regulations regarding the appearance and uniformity of their homes.


CC&R and its Most Common Violation

HOAs write and distribute a detailed set of guidelines for residents to follow as part of their lease agreements. These guidelines are called Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). Resident CC&R compliance is important for a couple reasons: it helps the HOA run the community as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and it ensures that residents do their part to maintain a community that is welcoming and appealing to potential buyers/renters.

Overall, the implementation of CC&Rs benefits the community as a whole, so failure to comply with them could result in fines for a homeowner. One such example is a lack of routine exterior cleaning, which is also the most common kind of CC&R violation. Residents are expected to keep their homes clean in accordance with the standards set by their HOA. If they don’t, they can easily find themselves in violation of their CC&R and be issued expensive fines as a result.


Why Residents and HOAs Love Professional Pressure Cleaning

HOA residents are expected to maintain the exteriors of their homes. This includes everything from driveways and mailboxes, to roofs and siding. Enlisting the help of a professional cleaning service is the best way for residents to keep their home exteriors clean in accordance with their HOA’s standards. In fact, most HOAs even encourage their residents to use professional pressure cleaning services.

Pressure cleaning companies are quite popular among HOAs, especially in South Florida. In fact, a lot of HOAs prefer to work with professional pressure washers for large scale projects in order to increase the overall curb appeal of their whole subdivision. Projects like this can include common areas like sidewalks, pool areas, parking lots, fences, community signs, statues, and other decorative structures. However, while public spaces within a community benefit from routine pressure cleaning just as greatly as its houses, the most popular reason for an HOA to hire a pressure cleaning company is for roof cleaning. Since roofs gather the most grime and discoloration over time as compared to other housing parts—and because accessing the roof to clean is incredibly dangerous for an untrained resident—HOAs trust experienced power washers to get the job done and help residents keep the neighborhood clean, making for a warmer and more inviting environment for visitors and house-hunters.


Why HOA Compliance is Necessary

HOAs have more responsibilities than most people give them credit for. Their job goes beyond setting neighborhood standards, sending violation notices, resolving disputes, and collecting fines from residents who fail to honor their rules. It is the primary objective of any HOA to protect the property values (while working to increase them) within their community, and to enforce their CC&R. The latter is done so that proper maintenance is guaranteed for the community’s uniformity, beauty, reputation and, most importantly, health.

Residents are required to keep their homes clean for the sake of sanitation as much as for appearances. If one home becomes riddled with dirt, rot, or mold, it could cause any number of problems for the entire community. Dirt and other unsightly buildup can negatively impact a community’s image and property value, landing the neglectful resident in hot water with their HOA. Rotting wood can threaten the stability of the house itself if left untreated. The exposure to harmful substances like mold could pose a threat to the health of the residents. Even worse, neighboring houses and the people inside them are at equal risk since some of these substances can spread easily.

HOAs and their respective sets of CC&Rs work to prevent things like this. Keeping home exteriors clean with routine pressure cleaning will make them look better, last longer, ensure that harmful substances are washed away, and avoid the need for repainting. This can’t be accomplished without cooperation from residents, which is why following HOA guidelines regarding cleanliness is so important.


If you live in a community regulated by an HOA, or if you are a member of an HOA and need an experienced company to maintain the cleanliness of your community, you can count on Pressure Cleaning Services for safe and quality power washing services. Our staff of trained professionals will ensure that your home and your community looks its absolute best. Call us today at (239) 287-7261 if you have any questions or if you would like to receive a free quote.

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