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How Pressure Cleaning Protects Your Business From Premises Liability

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Receiving professional pressure washing services can provide more than just aesthetic appeal for a commercial property. Through specialized removal of dirt, mud, grease, and/or oil (particularly from outdoor flooring), pressure washing can greatly reduce the chances of liability by helping to prevent slip-and-fall accidents within commercial premises. This is especially important for businesses in South Florida since the weather can be somewhat unpredictable, as is the residue it leaves behind. When surfaces intended for walking are not pressure washed at least semi-regularly, the untreated grime that accumulates with time can pose a slipping hazard for employees and guests alike. This is a problem that could result in an accident that prompts a serious lawsuit holding the business accountable.
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Very professional!! From scheduling to come to our house to provide an immaculate service. I have not seen my driveway this clean in years! Thank you!