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Pressure Pusher House Washing

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Throughout the seasons of the year, the weather and other environmental factors can cause a great deal of dirt, grime, mold, mildew, algae, pollen, and other debris to buildup along the exterior of your home. Left untreated, this not only makes your home look very unsightly, but can also cause deterioration of the exterior building materials, possibly leading to costly repairs.

That’s why so many homeowners in Naples and surrounding areas in Florida utilize Pressure Pusher for their residential pressure cleaning services. Professional residential pressure cleaning can efficiently clean any surface type and restore the look of your home to its beautiful, clean condition.

Why Pressure Pusher for your residential pressure cleaning services?

We know that there are plenty of residential pressure washing companies to choose from in Naples and other areas in Florida. And, of course, you can also rent a pressure washer yourself.

But without the knowledge, experience, and proper equipment and cleaning solution used by the expert team at Pressure Pusher, you might not get as thorough a clean as you need. And, you might even cause additional damage to the building materials!

Pressure washing different materials and surfaces requires a certain amount of experience and knowledge of just the right amount of pressure to use in order to deliver a thorough clean safely and properly. That’s why our professionals are standouts in the Florida pressure cleaning industry. We work hard to earn your business and meet or exceed your expectations.

Additional features of our house pressure washing service that set us apart include the following:

  • We offer timely service and meet deadlines.
  • Our cleaners are insured and licensed.
  • Our team uses cutting edge cleaning methods with proven results.
  • Our affordable rates make pressure cleaning available to homeowners and businesses.
  • We operate in an extensive service area that includes Lee County, Collier County, and beyond.

Restore your home’s brilliance, improve curb appeal and maintain your property value, and prevent costly repairs due to deteriorating materials.

Contact Pressure Pushers today for a free estimate.


Pressure Cleaning for HOA Compliance

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Pressure cleaning is a routine maintenance service that is essential for businesses and residences alike. One of the most common reasons why pressure cleaning is in such high demand is because residents of planned communities—especially those managed by a Home Owners Association (HOA)—are required to follow local regulations regarding the appearance and uniformity of their homes.

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Roof Pressure Pusher Cleaning

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Have you noticed black algae streaks and spots on your roof? Gloeocapsa magma algae ages your Florida roof before its time and causes your property to look less attractive than it should. You can prevent damage and extend the life of your roof as well as improve your property’s curb appeal by having your roof cleaned by a professional pressure washing crew.

How professional roof cleaning works

The damp Florida environment can cause your roof to age prematurely and develop unsightly algae on its surface. Left unchecked, this algae can eat into the surface of your roof and compromise its integrity. At Pressure Pusher, we can restore your roof to its original beauty and luster. Our friendly, experienced team will have your roof looking better in just a few hours. You’ll be surprised at the difference our pressure washing system will make to the overall look of your property.

Advantages to having your roof professionally power washed

  1. Better curb appeal

Your roof is one of the first things that visitors and potential buyers see when they approach your house. If your roof is green and dingy, it doesn’t matter how many colorful plants you add around your entryway, your house is going to look old and dated. Power washing can return your roof to near its original pristine look and give your home an instant bump up in its curb appeal.

  1. Extending your roof’s lifespan

A new roof costs between $10,000 and $20,000, according to reliable sources. Extending the lifespan of this sizeable investment by even a few years can have a big impact on your family budget.

  1. Increasing your property value

Having your roof professionally power washed can increase your property value and cost potential home buyers to stop a take a look at your property when they might otherwise drive on by. They will also know that your roof has been properly maintained and will most likely not have to be replaced as soon as the roof on a similar property might have to be.

To learn more about our pressure washing services in Southwest Florida and to schedule, a free estimate, contact Pressure Pusher at (239) 287-7261


Pressure Pusher Commercial Services

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Your building’s exterior says a lot to customers and clients about how your business operates. Make a great first impression by getting your commercial property in the Collier County area cleaned by Pressure Pusher.

When you make a good impression, you can attract new customers that will give you a lifetime of the business.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services Make Your Business More Attractive

Pressure Pusher provides all of the exterior commercial cleaning services that you need to make your business look more attractive.

Some times, we find areas that have been neglected for years. That’s not a problem for Pressure Pusher! Our team uses commercial-grade de-greasing agents to cut through the grease and oil that can accumulate on your:

  • Parking lot
  • Driveway
  • Patio
  • Exterior walls
  • Decorative concrete
  • Windows
  • Sidewalks
  • Roofs

The combination of professional equipment and cleaning solutions will give you the best results no matter how much grime your building has accumulated over the years.

Get a Single Cleaning or Schedule Regular Cleanings From Pressure Pusher

Depending on your location and industry, you may need regular cleanings throughout the year. Pressure Pusher can help you create a maintenance schedule that addresses your business’s unique needs.

You can also schedule an individual commercial cleaning for your company.

Pressure Pusher offers services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you want a single cleaning or monthly cleanings, we can create a package that exceeds your expectations and helps you save money.

Get Your Free Commercial Pressure Washing Quote Today

Pressure Pusher serves businesses of all sizes. Our clients include everything from small restaurants to large hospitals. No matter what type of business you own or manage, we can help you keep the property in terrific shape. The next time customers come to your location, they will notice how clean and inviting everything looks.

Get your free commercial pressure washing quote from Pressure Pusher today by visiting our website or calling our office in Naples at 239-287-7261. We’ll show you how much money you can save when you choose a local pressure washing company that understands the needs of property owners in South Florida.

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

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Make a Stellar Impression with Clean Concrete Surfaces at Your Business

Your opportunities to make a good impression are limited. Don’t blow it with something as preventable as dirty exterior surfaces at your place of business. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. But people make assumptions based on appearances every day. And when it comes to property maintenance, customer presumptions are often right.

Show clients, consumers, and potential customers that you respect them and value their business. Start with clean, presentable driveways, parking areas, and walkways. Pressure Pusher’s concrete cleaning services will keep these high-traffic areas free of dirt, debris, and stains.

Common Commercial Concrete Surfaces

Our pressure washing services are designed to clean concrete surfaces with highly visible results. We use top-of-the-line equipment with proven techniques to brighten and restore your concrete exteriors.

  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Curbs
  • Walls
  • Stairs
  • Parking lots
  • Parking garages
  • Dumpster enclosures
  • Driveways

Popular Concrete Cleaning Services

Our technicians specialize in the removal of many common contaminants and stains from your concrete surfaces. Some examples include:

  • Graffiti
  • Chewing gum
  • Rust
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Tire marks
  • Moss
  • Tree sap
  • Fertilizer stains
  • Paint
  • Algae

Give us a call if you have stubborn stains to be removed from your commercial property.

At Pressure Pusher, we work hard to earn your business and keep you happy. We’re licensed and insured, and you can rely on the excellence of our work. We’re happy to clean your concrete surfaces, no matter how big or small the job is.

Our professional high-grade surface cleaning equipment is designed to clean concrete efficiently. We perform the job as fast as possible, without sacrificing quality. Though we work quickly, visitors, employees, and guests may encounter our workers while they’re cleaning your property. Our technicians are always polite, courteous, and professional.

Our rates are affordable, offering top value for performance. We understand the value of your time, which means we’re committed to being punctual and meeting deadlines. We try our best to honor any special requests, and we tackle challenging cleaning jobs with skill and enthusiasm. When you choose Pressure Pusher, you’re making a sound business decision.

Contact our commercial customer representatives to describe your concrete surfaces and discuss the cleaning services you need for your business. Pressure Pusher is your Florida Business Pressure Washing Go-To!

Top 10 Places to Pressure Wash Outside of Your South Florida Home

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Pressure cleaning for both homes and businesses is not a luxury. It is a necessity; one that enhances property curb appeal, keeps walking surfaces safe, and protects against the spread of dangerous substances like mold, mildew, and sootWhile roofs and walkways are among the most common places in need of pressure cleaning, there are other areas (both residential and commercial) that also benefit from it for a variety of reasons. Listed below are the top ten most popular places to have pressure cleaned by a professional company.

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Top 3 Harmful Substances Removed By Pressure Cleaning

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Contrary to popular belief, residential pressure cleaning does more than simply restore curb appeal to a home. While the removal of surface stains like dirt is important, the removal of stains both below the surface is even more so. Some stains can seep over time, causing serious damage to surfaces like roof tiles, siding, and walkways when left untreated. However, power cleaning is a highly effective method of deep cleaning the exteriors of a home, helping to remove and prevent the spread of hazardous substances like the ones listed below.

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How Pressure Cleaning Protects Your Business From Premises Liability

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Receiving professional pressure washing services can provide more than just aesthetic appeal for a commercial property. Through specialized removal of dirt, mud, grease, and/or oil (particularly from outdoor flooring), pressure washing can greatly reduce the chances of liability by helping to prevent slip-and-fall accidents within commercial premises. This is especially important for businesses in South Florida since the weather can be somewhat unpredictable, as is the residue it leaves behind. When surfaces intended for walking are not pressure washed at least semi-regularly, the untreated grime that accumulates with time can pose a slipping hazard for employees and guests alike. This is a problem that could result in an accident that prompts a serious lawsuit holding the business accountable.
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Top 5 Myths About Pressure Cleaning Services

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Pressure cleaning for roofs, walkways, and driveways is a necessary service for the upkeep of both homes and businesses. Unfortunately, widespread misconceptions about the practice of power washing have cemented themselves as myths that cast doubt on the need for the service at all. Below is a list of the five most common myths about pressure cleaning:
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Top 6 Reasons to Get Your Roof Pressure Cleaned

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It’s that time of year again! Most homeowners allot springtime to clean their homes in hopes of capturing the look and feel of a brand new one. However, while the interior is usually given meticulous attention, the exterior tends to be ignored—especially the roof.  South Florida weather, from thunderstorms to hurricanes, can leave our roofs dirty, damaged, and in desperate need of some TLC. So, for Spring this year, consider treating your suffering roof to a professional cleaning from an insured pressure washing company. Here are six, important reasons why: Continue reading

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